Differentiation between Lotion and Moisturizer

Differentiation between Lotion and Moisturizer

Everyone desires of Good skin as it can boost confidence surely. For having flawless skin, you have to look for maintenance of your skin that can protect it from getting dull and hydrates it well.

Lotion and moisturizers are two common skincare products that have been used largely by people to make their skin better. Let us enlighten you with the difference between lotion and moisturizer to know how to use each for healthy skin.

How are lotion and creams different?

It is better to comprehend what’s the differentiation between lotion and creams for taking care of your skin appropriately.

Lotions have a higher water content that is a mix of water and droplets of oil and is light in weight than creams.

dry skin

People with oily skin can stick to lotions that are non-greasy and don’t require a higher concentration of the oil within it.

Creams are thicker for consistency that is great for dry skin, which requires deep hydration for making skin healthier.

Creams are greasier in nature that has long-lasting hydration effect on one’s skin. Body creams are thicker in consistency with a ratio of 50:50 for water and oil.

Henceforth, it is better for people to look into the better skin types that can ensure that you have better and glowing skin.


So, this was the differentiation between lotion vs moisturizer that assist one in picking for the appropriate skin product as per your type.

The final verdict

From the details stated above, it is clear that body cream vs body lotion can be used hydrating dry skin that lacks moisture and requires it more.

Ultra-hydration is provided to skin with the use of creams due to thicker consistency, whereas lotion has a less hydrating factor.

Lotions have more water content that makes is non-greasy and suitable for oily type skin.