What to Apply Concealer or Foundation First For Perfect Glow?

What to Apply Concealer or Foundation First For Perfect Glow?

Makeup has become an essential part of everyone’s life to hide their flaws and has flawless skin. Concealer and foundation are two basic and significant products on which your complete makeup look is dependent.

The use of both these products is required to be done with precision. People are in a dilemma which one to apply concealer or foundation first for radiant and flawless skin.

We are sharing the guide for having a perfect glow.

Which one to apply the first concealer or foundation?

Unless and until you are using a powder foundation, then consider applying foundation first. Foundation would reduce overall redness, discoloration, and minor blemishes, creating a completely even tone.

Applying concealer first might require you to apply an extra layer of foundation than required. If you have oily skin, then you might end up having a cakey makeup look.

You need to start with moisturizing your face, and the primer would be next step once the primer has settled in your skin then apply foundation all over the face along with eye area.

You would be required to use less concealer for covering eye bags. However, ensure that you are using appropriate blending methods to have finished look.


If you are particular about your skin and don’t consider to use makeup sponge on the skin, then apply concealer and foundation with fingers for the perfect blend.

The perfect blend can help in fading out blemishes and dark spots, presenting the perfect makeup look. It is accurate for people to try for a glowing look.

The final verdict

From the details stated above, you might be enlightened regarding foundation vs concealer first to get the perfect glow.

It is essential for people to look for the perfect foundation and concealer that is suitable for your natural tone and make your skin look even.