Make Your Own Scented Body Lotion For Better Skin!

Make Your Own Scented Body Lotion For Better Skin!

Smelling pleasant do carry essential aspect in deciding the impact and impression one would be having of yours. It is great for people to consider for the skincare products that smell pleasant to fight the body odor that can be an awful trait of your personality.

However, if you have sensitive skin and can’t rely on scented body lotion, then it is better to make your own scented body lotion that won’t react to your sensitive skin but provide pleasant smell for your skin.

How to make your own scented body lotion?

Cosmetic and skincare brands are using harsh chemicals for creating scented body lotion that might not be optimal for sensitive and other skin types.

For making scented lotion on your own, it is better to rely on fragrant cream melting under your fingers for removing fatigue collected in a day on your skin.

At home, you can be experimental with a base instead of a perfume component. The component of water and alcohol is present lesser in perfumes, but the essential oil is present mainly whereas, in deodorants, alcohol, and water are added that might behave differently.

For making unscented cream to a fragrant one, you can take a dollop of cream on your hand and add perfume to it for making it fragrant.

You can surely smell pleasant that is mild and non-reactive on your skin and allowing one to have pleasantly smelling skin cream.

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At last, we can say that it is a much reliable option adding essential oils to unscented lotion for making a scented one without using any harsh chemicals.

It is great for people to consider for the homemade scented lotion that can give you pleasant smell along with taking care of your skin health.

Henceforth, it is great for people to pick for the essential oils in the form of perfume to your unscented cream.