Hello everyone!

Welcome to Gaby’s balloon blog! My name is Gabrielle, but you can call me Gaby, I am 19 years old,  Gabriela’s (Balloon Artist) daughter. I am going into my second year of college, studying business administration. I will be writing blogs based on our experiences in the balloon world.

I want to start off with a little background about Gaby’s balloon decor company. We are a family business, Mom, Dad, son, and daughter. We are the ones behind Gaby’s balloon decor name. We began the balloon business about 5 years ago, but have been doing balloon decorations, and learning since about 2005. We normally would do decorations for our church events and close family parties. As a Christian family, we believe that when we put our faith in God and trust the plans that the Lord has for us we will succeed. We started Instagram about two years ago and since then we have gained more than sixteen thousand followers! We thank God for all of our followers and customers.

Since starting the balloon business we have been able to help pay for my brother Angel’s (22 years old)  college, and starting last year my college as well. We are thankful that through the business we are able to continue into higher education. We definitely do not take it for granted, my brother and I put all of our effort into school.

This blog is a way for us to leave an impact in the balloon world and show everyone who we are and the experiences that we learn from. I will be posting a blog post about every week, the topics will range from new balloon trends, machine reviews, to decorating experiences as well. If you guys have any recommendations of topics you would like us to talk about just leave a comment down below. Thanks for taking the time to read talk to you soon.

Gabrielle Gonzalez (Gaby’s balloon decor team)