Hello everyone,

These summer months are always so hard on latex balloons. From our experience with using latex balloons in the summer, we have seen that the heat causes a balloon to expand even more than it already does with the air or helium that is in it. Latex balloons can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to two hours in the direct sunlight, we always advise our customers to make sure that they do not have their backdrop in direct sunlight and put it in the shade so that the balloons last longer. Another issue with the summer heat would be that balloons lose their shine faster outside, this goes really for any season of the year. The balloon starts to oxidize and turn into a matte color.

We have done many outside parties in the summer,  but we do not recommend them instead what we recommend is that people who have summer parties try and find venues, community centers, or anywhere that rents indoor spaces with air conditioning for your party that way not only will your balloons last and shine, but also your desserts, cake, and other decorations. Your guests will also be more comfortable in that space. Just last week we were doing a garland under a canopy, the weather when I checked was ninety-eight degrees. We did the balloon garland but ended up drenched in sweat because of the heat that the canopy closed in. The garland will still oxidize in a canopy, but it is possible. The only problem besides the oxidation is that the working conditions are rough. Having parties start in the evening is also another option to consider because the heat is at it’s worst from about noon to three o clock. 

The other problem that we have seen occur is that working in conditions that are within the nineties or triple digits is extremely dangerous. We have had a few instances where one of us is feeling very light-headed because we are in direct sunlight trying to set-up the balloons. Thank you for reading, see you soon.


Gabrielle Gonzalez (Gaby’s balloon décor team)