Hello balloon friends, 

I am back with more to share, last year we got a bit busy and were not able to do as many blog posts as we wanted. That being said we really want to focus on making our website better for you. 

This blog is about FLOAT 2019!!! 

We had the amazing opportunity to fly all the way to St. Louis, Missouri this past week January 27th-February 1st. It was our very first time attending a balloon convention. We did not really know what to expect but we decided to go anyways. This event was made by our friends Steve and Alexa @balloondesigners, and was sponsored by many balloon brands including Qualatex, Betallic, Anagram, Gemar, and many wholesalers as well. There was a great line-up of instructors some of them were Chris Adamo, CBA @the_balloon_crew, Dante Longhi, CBA @dreamfactoryballoons. Edward Munoz @edward_munoz, Cody Williams CBA @codysredballooon, and so many more!

We arrived at the Marriott hotel airport in Missouri a day before the convention to prepare ourselves for the CBA test happening the next day in the morning. We will talk more about the CBA test and our experience in a future blog. Spoiler Alert: WE PASSED!! When we arrived at the hotel we went to our room relaxed a bit and then went down stairs to see if anything was happening. We were able to get our badges and goodie bags I believe Saturday is competition build-day, so there were a few balloon designs already made. We did not spend too much time there and after we went back to our room and crammed as much information into our brains that we could before our CBA Test. 

The next day in the morning we had our exam, and after that we went back up to the room and waited until it was opening night. The conventions color is orange, I do not own anything orange and before we left for Missouri we had orange shirts made for us with our logo. The theme of this year’s opening night was Circus de Float and there were some circus entertainers there. The whole room was beautifully decorated in orange. There were Flotee awards and the New CBA’s were presented as well. 

Monday through Wednesday was all about going to classes, there were classes all day by some of the best instructors I have ever seen. There were many who explained all their work very well. It was worth paying the admission to float and flying to the east because of them. We learned so many new techniques and we were just ready to go home and start practicing and offering these new additions. We met really awesome people not just instructors, but new friendships that we were able to create at this convention. On Wednesday night was the Float Gala with the theme of an enchanted garden, the space transformed truly into a magical garden. At the gala the competition winners are announced and a few speeches from the sponsors are given. Everyone dance the night away until it was time to say goodbye to one another. Float was announced to happen again in 2020 AND 2022.  It was an amazing experience and if you are an intermediate to advanced decorator we definitely recommend you go to the next FLOAT!

Gaby G

Gabys balloon Decor Team