Hi again everyone,

About a year ago a new balloon style came to the light, and it was named the organic balloon garland, it mimics a garland of flowers in the way they are arranged and the different sizes of balloons that are used. Here at Gaby’s balloon decor when we first saw the garland we fell in love with it. We were confused about how to make it, but that did not stop us from trying. There were videos on YouTube of how to make a balloon garland with chicken wire but that wasn’t the technique we wanted to use. 

Gabriela and I first tried the balloon garland with a frame in the shape of a garland and for our first try it wasn’t too bad, later Gabriela kept trying new techniques on her own and was finally able to make our signature garlands. We believe that everyone uses a technique to make their garland, and it is up to the customer to decide which they like.

Balloon garlands are more expensive to make, because you do not just buy one bag of balloons, but you have to buy various sizes and colors in order to get the “garland look”. Doing this style of balloons is more labor and time consuming as well.

Now, the question here is will the balloon garland stay on trend going into next year or will there be a new design that tops it? Thanks for tuning in see you soon!


-Gabrielle Gonzalez (Gaby’s balloon decor team)